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The Incident

Just recently reports on Anne Curtis and her burst of anger at a club during a bachelorette party for her girlfriend who is going to get married. The party was at The Fort Strip at the Bonifacio Global City complex, Taguig City at a club called the Privé Luxury Club.

JR Isaac, an editor and publisher of Circuit Magazine was there at the event and at the scene to witness what happened along with friends; Leah de Guzman, Nix Alañon, Charina Zarte and showbiz personalities John Lloyd Cruz, Jake Cuenca, and Phoemela Barranda. To join their table was Privé’s co-owner, JM Rodriguez.

A long story short is for some reason Anne stormed out of the bathroom shouting ‘Who’s banging my door!?’ As a shock to JR, John Lloyd, and Leah, when they turned around they saw Anne enraged. As they turned around, Anne suddenly slapped JR, then Leah, then John Lloyd.

After then she yelled insults to them with a pointed finger and strong stance. Some of which are controversial now like the way she called John Lloyd and ‘addict’ and screamed with finger pointing at Phoemela Barranda, saying, 'I can buy you, your friends, and this club!'

"She was drunk but, di ba, when you're drunk, you're wobbly? She was not wobbly. She was strong, parang she could hurt us all!” Stated JR when he talked about the incident.

As the group has recalled, they were in pure shock and didn’t know how to react or retaliate to Anne. Though the whole time John Lloyd just sat quietly like a gentleman and didn’t fight back, which added new gentleman points to his name. JR also remembered that he didn’t see Jake Cuenca anywhere, he wasn’t sure if he was with his other friends or something but he wasn’t at the scene of the incident.

Leah de Guzman from Globe reported that she tried to talk Anne down by grabbing her right hand and telling her, 'Why are you slapping us? Stop slapping us! You're not being cool.'
Leah also reported Anne telling JM, the co-owner of the club that, 'You know, this is the worst club to have a party!'

Insulted, JM reacted to Anne’s comment with, 'We took care of you here. We took care of your party. How dare you say this!' as he walked out on her.

Apology Accepted

The incident happened around the hours of 1am to 2am on Saturday, November 23. Later that afternoon around 4pm, JR said that he received a text from Anne which was an apology message. Below is the text:

"JR! It's Anne. Got your number from Monique! Tried messaging you on Facebook this morning. Just want to apologize for my behavior! I'm so so so sorry. I'm so ashamed L would never act like that in the right state of mind! I'm so sorry. Please forgive me!"

As a reply from a friend, JR sent a reply text which quoted:

"Hi Anne, just woke up and read your text. Apology accepted... On a lighter note, you owe me a tight hug!!! Going back to sleep, nursing my hang over."

People then asked and interviewed JR about him an Anne and if they are still friends even after the incident. He then stated that he and Anne go way back and that there is no bad feelings behind what happened. "Never harbor ill feelings. It's bad for the skin." JR quoted.

Also, Anne Curtis admitted the incident happened and the reports were mostly true and that she has already apologized to everyone that was involved in the incident. She also asked forgiveness from her fans and admitted that she was ashamed from what she did but has learned her lesson as people do make mistakes.

No matter the incident, we shouldn’t look down on Anne and what she did, what would you do in her situation? Maybe someone tried to prank her and prank gone wrong was the result. She has been honest and humble in what happened and that is all that matters! It’s okay Anne, your fans forgive you and still support you through everything you do!

The question is, who was banging on her door which got her enraged?

Post your thoughts and comments of the incident, Anne, and JR’s understanding manner and John Lloyd’s gentleman attitude below!

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