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The lovable and popular comedian and “It’s Showtime” co-host, Vhong Navarro has had a terrible accident on Wednesday, January 22 as he was allegedly tied up, blindfolded and beaten up by a group of men just inside the premises of a condominium unit in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig according to his manager.

The statement of what happened came from Vhong’s manager, Chito Rono. The reason for Vhong being at the condominium at that time was that Vhong was invited by a female friend to visit. The incident also included Vhong being threatened and a victim of extortion, although the whole reason of the attack is still unknown.

As viewers may have noticed by now, 37- year old Vhong is temporarily not to show in the popular noontime show every weekday and Saturday, “It’s Showtime” or his other projects he is currently involved in due to his need to recover.

Currently, the showbiz actor is recovering in a hospital and is still unable to talk properly so specific details of the attack still have to be waited upon until he recovers, although Vhong may have to undergo operations due to his injuries Rono added in his statement.

Vhong is known to have a non-showbiz girlfriend and two sons of his own from previous relationships, so there is a big mystery in the case

Speaking with ABS-CBN News, Rono added Navarro may undergo an operation due to his injuries. He said Navarro is unable to detail the incident as he cannot speak properly.

The 37-year-old actor is known to have a non-showbiz girlfriend, and has two sons from his previous relationships.

Below is the full statement from Vhong’s manager, Chito Rono:

"Si Vhong Navarro ay naimbitahan sa isang condominium unit sa Fort ng isang kaibigang babae. At sa di pa malamang kadahilanan, siya ay piniringan, pinagtulungang bugbugin, ginapos, tinakot, at hinihingan ng pera ng isang grupo ng kalalakihan noong January 22, Miyerkules. Si Vhong ay kasalukuyang nagpapagaling at mawawala ng pansamantala sa 'It's Showtime' at iba pa niyang proyekto."

The incident that happened to Vhong has made a worldwide trend with the hashtag of #PrayForVhongNavarro. Below are some Tweets by showbiz faces and fans for Vhong:

Let us all show Vhong how much we care by starting a prayer brigade and spreading the news by tweeting #PrayforVhongNavarro for more and more prayers to come to that Vhong will recover quickly.

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